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"Αγώνες Φιλότητας & Ισοτιμίας"





  • Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences.
  • Amilima - Game & Exercise Research Center.

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Technical meeting
Wednesday 15/5/2019
Date of implementation
Wednesday 15/5 to Friday 17/5/2019
Attica - Loutraki

  • Mixed Volleyball (4vs4)(Four-member groups - regulations common for men and women).
  • Men's volleyball (2vs2),
  • Women's volleyball (2vs2)
Race committee

1. The person in charge of the event.


2. A representative of the arbitration.


3. A member to be appointed at the technical meeting.


Participation right

A. Students of three Institutions of DG / degree Education (upon statement of the representative / responsible Professor FA)


B. Students / athletes-three evaluated, participating under the responsibility of the organizers.

(Organizers can set a limited number of entries and keep order of priority based on the date of entry).


Deadline for submitting an expression of interest form - numerical declaration: Until Friday, March 29

The numerical declaration does not constitute a final declaration of participation for the submitter, nor an obligation to be accepted in the races by the organizers.

Deadline for submission of nominal participation status: Until Friday, April 5, 2019

The statement is finalized after April 12, 2019).






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