The "katatopia festival" is organized by the Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences and by Amillema - Game & Exercise Research Center , also in collaboration with many other Universities, Municipalities ect.


It focuses on innovation and invention but also on the renewal of certain traditions. Its conduct is structured in three thematic sections:

(a) polysfairisis, which may be considered as part of the widest family of  ball games. Refers to competitions conducted with more than one ball, identical or differentiated, with their simultaneous or rotating circulation, as the case may be.

b) nemesimarathon, which is related to the prefecture of human effort in various endurance races. Not in order to make it less difficult, but to make it more effective, or even to increase it.

c) friendship & parity games, which are the most tried and established games of the event .


They are held in Attica around May 9, the anniversary of "World Europe Day", as well as the day of victory against Nazism.


The "katatopia festival’s" main axis is suggestion of ways in which the best treatment of people regardless of gender can be achieved competitively. We do not forget it even where we fight separately as men and women, although we can fight together as equals.


For the announcements you can be informed by the relevant e-links, while you can also contact us to express your special interest.

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