The first years after the war, most of Athens’s cinemas, ended up becoming Supermarkets due to their building size. A few other cinemas were converted into Gyms. Fortunately the Oasis Cinema in Neos Kosmos, became a gym, for the sake of Sports and Physical Education in Higher Education.


Τhanks to the vision of Mr. Bitsikas (Physical Education teacher at that time) and help of the Rector's Office, the cinema’s building was reconstructed  in 1993 and became the main place of physical exercise for our University.


Since 2009 Panteion Gym is organizing events such as the pioneering "Katatopia Festival" and the "Friendship & Equality Games". It is honored by many great individual and team distinctions, such as the Panhellenic Korfball’s championship winning of the Panteion University’s team. In addition, it is honored by many medals during the student events, such as Table Tennis  (four-time champion K. Lagogiannis) and Tennis (Panhellenic champion P. Gemouchidis) as well as several others. 


Despite the medals and awards, Panteion Gym is very proud of the real interest, toil and efforts of all its participant students. These efforts are the basis of sports at Panteion University. From the other hand, all the employees try their best in favor of those students.


Mr. Bitsikas was the first Director of the Gym and retired in 2007, when Mr.Roussos, who has been serving Panteion Gym since 1994, replaced him.



Bitsikas Char

Ε.Ε.ΔΙ.Π Φ. Αγωγής



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